About website
"Scene.Releases" project is now over. If you used to come here to check the newest NDS and 3DS scene releases infos, well... thanks a lot guys, but you will have to search another place now.

Lot of reasons. The departure of some staff members and testers along the years, the lack of time, NDS activity going down, our motivation going down :p

Now what can I find here?
No roms and no more releases infos. During our free time we'll still continue to update and develop new tools for the NDS/3DS. So keep us in your bookmarks if you're still interested in Crappy Tiny Reader and similar projects.

Many thanks to the website team, all guys who helped us with infos, lost releases, language testing, bug reports etc. The list could be long, we love you!

You can use the chatbox on the left, or mail us directly at Scene.releases@free.fr